Terms and Conditions of our Heli Ski Packages

We offer one of the very best credit, refund, and cancellations policies in the helicopter skiing industry. Please read, and understand these polices as they are clearly stated, we will strictly adhere to them, as well as all of our policies. Our terms, conditions, and policies are absolute.


Individuals or groups can purchase guaranteed reservations for skiing on specific dates on a first come, first served basis. Reservations require a 50% per seat deposit with full payment due 90 days prior to your reservation date.  We ask all our guests to thoroughly read the information supplied on our website and call/email to ask any questions in order to understand all terms and conditions before signing-up for a heli ski trip.

Cancellation Policy

For seats canceled with more than 90 days notice, a full refund will be given, less a $375.00 cancellation fee. For cancellations within 90 days of your trip, your deposit and final payments are non-refundable for ANY REASON. If COVID causes us to cancel your trip, a credit of 100% of all money paid will be held for you to use within the next 3 seasons at Majestic Heli Ski.  NO REFUNDS DUE TO COVID, GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN, OR NATURAL DISASTER FOR ANY REASON.  Our reservation and cancellation policies are absolute.

Credit and Refund Policy for Guaranteed Vertical

Majestic Heli Ski has one of the best credit/refund policies for the guaranteed vertical associated with the ski package you purchase.  Here is an example of how it works.

The Majestic Heli Ski seven day package includes 90,000 vertical feet of skiing with 75,000 vertical feet guaranteed. If you fall short of 75,000 vertical feet of skiing during your visit due to inclement weather or a mechanical breakdown, you will be credited at a rate of 100% on the price of the skiing portion of your package (food and lodging is a fixed price currently at $350 per day and is not included in the credit/refund), or refunded at a rate of 50% of the skiing portion price of your package. For example; if you skied 37,500 vertical feet (because of no-fly days/weather or a mechanical) you would receive a 37,500 vertical feet credit, (which is equal to 50% of your skiing package cost towards a future trip in this example), or a 50% refund (which is equal to 25% of your skiing package cost in this example) on the 37,500 vertical feet not skied. Your credit is valid for up to the next 3 calendar years; the next 3 heli seasons.  You must confirm in writing within 30 days of receiving information related to the vertical feet you skied if you would like a cash refund.  If no response is received within 30 days, only a credit will be issued, and credit will only be available for the following 3 seasons.  If seeking a cash refund, Majestic will refund within 6 months of request.

The same credit and refund percentages stated above are used for our three day package (30,000 vertical feet with 20,000 guaranteed), and our four day package (45,000 vertical feet with 35,000 guaranteed).

Private packages are based upon the Hobbs Hour Meter (flight time). 15 hours is the flight time for our private packages, with 8 hours being the guaranteed flight time for the private packages. The same credit and refund percentages stated above are used for our private packages.

Purchasing additional Vertical

Once you reach the vertical feet of your package you have the option to purchase additional vertical feet at the price of $100 per 1000 vertical feet. For example; an additional 10,000 vertical feet (a full day of skiing) would cost $1,000. This is a great option because if you don’t want to ski more you don’t have to, but if you want to keep skiing we offer it at a highly reduced rate. Minimum of 2 guests required.

Additional Information and Details

  • We do not refund guests who do not reach the 30,000 vertical feet, 45,000 vertical feet, 60,000 vertical feet, 90,000 vertical feet, or the guaranteed Hobbs Hour Meter amount due to skiing ability, fitness, challenging or variable snow conditions, equipment failure, improper behavior in the field or at base, illness, not being timely, personal choice not to ski, or injury.
  • If you choose not to ski on any given day during your package, or choose to stop skiing, you will still be charged for vertical feet skied by your group/stated vertical. If you or your group does not ski, or stops skiing do to skiing ability, fitness, challenging or variable snow conditions, equipment failure, improper behavior in the field or at base, illness, not being timely, personal choice, or injury, the group/you will be charged 15,000 vertical for the three day and five day package, 20,000 vertical feet for that day for the seven day package, and 2 hours of Hobbs for the private package.
  • No refunds or credits will be issued if you arrive late or depart early.
  • If we can fly and ski, we will do so. If you, and/or your group choose not to, you and your group will still be held accountable for vertical feet skied or Hobbs as stated.
  • If you have a credit to use it you must book another package within 3 years (the next 3 seasons). Your credit percentage will be deducted off of the price of that package. If using a credit no other promotional incentives may be applied towards your trip. Credits do not build upon one another, or rollover.
  • We reserve the right to from groups based upon ability, group/individual weight, and our safety protocols.
  • Each guest must participate in our safety trainings and orientation, as well as use our avalanche airbag backpack, harness and carabiner, avalanche transceiver, shovel, and a probe. We reserve the right to refuse you the use of your own avalanche rescue/safety equipment, skis, backpack and any other items that may interfere with operations and safety. Your personal avalanche rescue/safety equipment must meet our standards and approval.
  • All guests are required to read, understand, and sign our liability waiver.
  • All guests must read, understand, and agree to our policies as stated on our website, paperwork, and briefings.
  • At times adverse weather and/or avalanche conditions will limit, and possibly prohibit us from flying. When weather (no fly), avalanche hazard/snow stability, or a mechanical issue occurs guests are not charged for vertical they did not, or could not attain.
  • Credits are not transferrable to any other person.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your reservation or sell your seat if final payment is not received.
  • We reserve the right to use any images (photos, videos…) for print or publication.
  • If you lose, damage, or break any Majestic Heli Ski gear you will be responsible for replacing it at full retail value.
  • If extraneous trips are required for airport shuttling/transportation you and or your group may incur a fuel  and service charge.
  • If extraneous flight time is not covered by your package, and/or is required by you or your group, you will be financially responsible for that flight time (Hobbs hour price). This includes if you need to be flown out of the field because of an injury, personal issue, equipment issue, or a guide’s decision to remove you from the field.
  • There is no guarantee regarding snow quality, the weather, or snow stability (the avalanche hazard) as to what type of terrain we can or cannot ski. We are fortunate to be able to heli ski and we accept with a smile what Mother Nature gives us.

Trip Insurance

We strongly encourage you to purchase trip insurance. Trip cancellation insurance (you should also check on interruption, medical, and evacuation policies) can be purchased through your preferred insurance provider. Policies through Trawick International (Dog Tag Extreme and Dog Tag Extreme Plus) have offered good policies for heliskiing in the past.  Be sure the policy is for heli skiing and inquire about all possible scenarios – injury, flight delays, evacuation, weather delays, no fly days, or cancelling for personal reasons.