Your Safety is Our First Priority

Our Philosophy

Majestic Heli Ski has created a culture of safety that colors every aspect of our operation. This starts with our professional and personal guides and staff. Safety is our cornerstone in how we manage our groups, and in determining where and how we ski. We incorporate management and mitigation techniques from the outdoor industry, aviation, the military and the latest applied avalanche risk management techniques to ensure that we use the best tools available in our decision making. Safety is our number one priority, and fun is our second priority. Plan on a safe, fun and memorable week.

Majestic Heli Ski

Our Guides

Our professional, friendly and world-class guides have certifications and course completions through the Canadian Ski Guide Association, Heli Ski US Association and/or the American Mountain Guides Association. Additionally they are certified or trained in professional avalanche operations through the Canadian Avalanche Association and/or the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education. Each guide has medical training as a Wilderness First Responder, Outdoor Emergency Care and/or Emergency Medical Technician. Our guides bring a lifetime of experience and a wealth of knowledge to Majestic Heli Ski, which helps ensure you have a safe, memorable and amazing experience.

Meet Our Guides

Our Equipment

We are dedicated to providing top of the line safety equipment. Included in all of our packages are avalanche airbag backpacks, and we require that all guests and guides use one. We also provide each guest with an avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, radio, and harness with a carabiner. All of your safety gear is included with your package, there is no additional cost.

Our Training

All guests will take part in a general orientation to familiarize you with what to expect during your stay. We will then do hands-on training regarding avalanche and mountain hazards, how to use our safety/rescue gear, companion rescue and skiing protocols. An aircraft briefing will educate you on helicopter procedures and safety. Each day you will receive a weather report and plan for the day.

Snow and weather conditions largely determine where we ski and the terrain often dictates how we move through it. Our guides will keep you informed about weather, terrain hazards, helicopter safety, skiing protocols, snow stability and avalanche hazards throughout each day. We rely on teamwork, and each person has a role in group dynamics and safety.


Our Snow Safety

Majestic Heli Ski has a dedicated and professional snow safety program. Our guides will continuously gather data and evidence, take field observations, perform snowpack tests, monitor weather conditions and evaluate and forecast the snow stability and the avalanche hazard. This process helps us to make informed decisions on your safety, our run selection and lets us find the best snow too!

There are inherent risks involved when skiing, even when all risk control measures are in place. We ask our guests to respect their guides’ decisions. Majestic Heli Ski will not compromise on this. We apply the latest avalanche risk management procedures and follow skiing, mountain and group management techniques to help make the best possible decisions to keep you safe.