Typical Itinerary

Our expert guides and attentive staff are dedicated to making your experience at Majestic Heli Ski seamless and memorable. You can expect a typical ski week to have you covered in all aspects from comfort at the lodge to ensuring your safety on the mountain.

Alaska Highway to Majestic Heli Ski
Majestic Heli Ski highway road sign


On the date your package starts we will greet you that evening at the Anchorage International Airport baggage claim area, typically between 6 and 8 p.m. Please schedule your arrival and departure flight times accordingly to maximize your time and trip. You will be greeted by Majestic Heli Ski staff at the airport the evening your package starts. We will then chauffeur you to our lodge, which is just 2.5 hours away (115 miles).

Coffee on the deck at Majestic Heli Ski
Yoga in the mornings at Majestic Heli Ski


Begin your day with Yoga & Stretching followed by a stunning breakfast buffet at 8:00 a.m.

Client checking-in with Majestic Heli Ski
Binding Setup for Heli Ski Client


After breakfast you will read and sign waivers, get outfitted with skis/board if needed, recieve assigned backpack/rescue gear, followed by an orientation presentation regarding our safety procedures & protocols. Next, will be hands-on avalanche rescue skills & companion rescue training and an aircraft orientation. Check-in and briefing process typically takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on the number of guests. We do not compromise on safety and we believe in thorough guest training.


A typical day is 6 – 10 runs. Several factors determine the number of runs per day; vertical package, run length, group fitness, ability, number of groups, snow conditions, the weather, flight distance to terrain. On some rare days you may ski fewer than six runs, while on others it may be ten runs, or even more. Lunch is served in the field and consists of homemade soups, sandwiches, desserts and hot cocoa.

Apres at Majestic Heli Ski
Apre and Hot Tubbing at Majestic


We are back at the lodge for appetizers and drinks in the late afternoon. May be a good time to soak in the hot tub or schedule a massage with the massage therapist.


Dinner will cap off another stunning day of skiing and snowboarding. Our chefs serve modern cuisine and have a flair for presentation. You can expect amazing salad starters, the finest cuts of meat, local favorites (such as Alaskan salmon, king crab and halibut), fresh vegetables and homemade breads. Dinner will be capped off with a spectacular handcrafted dessert. We take food seriously and we aim to impress.

Njord standing behind the bar at Majestic Heli Ski
MHS Guests enjoying the bonfire.


We have a full service bar (alcohol is not included) that is well stocked with a selection of high-quality wines, beers and liquors. The bar stays open well into the night, though we ask that you observe “quiet time” starting at 11 p.m., as many of our guests like to turn in early to be ready for the next day.


When making our daily tour plans, weather is one of the most important factors. Our location is slightly inland and at a higher elevation than all other Alaska heli ski companies, this allows for the most consistent powder and more flyable days than any other Alaska operation. Skiers and riders come to Alaska and the Chugach Mountains for the endless variety of terrain and huge snowfalls. You will find great conditions from opening day in February until our last powder turns in April.

Our lodge’s elevation is 3000 feet – the highest elevation of any heli ski lodge or ski lift in Alaska, this provides us with the best snow quality and the most flyable days in all of Alaska. Alaska is not a cold, dark place, often the opposite. The average daylight is 11 hours for February and 16 hours for April. The Pacific Ocean does an amazing job of providing moisture for large, consistent snowfalls, as well as moderating winter temperatures. Daytime temperatures are just like you would likely find at your local ski resort.

On days where the weather doesn’t permit flying we have a variety of activities to participate in around the lodge including, nordic skiing, skeet shooting, hiking, glacier tours, massages, etc.