What to Expect and How to Plan

Before your trip, you will have spoken with MHS via phone/email and you will receive a welcome packet. Read the website thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions. Ensure we have your flight information, email, mobile phone number and any other relevant information.

Drop-offs and pick-ups are at a scheduled time (6 – 8 p.m.) at the Anchorage airport, please book your flights accordingly. If needed, arrive the day before your trip so you can acclimate and enjoy even more of Alaska before (or after) your heli trip. Schedule your return flight after 8 p.m. so there is no conflict with skiing on your last day. If you are driving/renting a car let us know when you will be arriving at the lodge. Driving is a great option if you want to be on your own schedule, not be in a ride share and want to sight-see along the way to and from the lodge (the scenery is stunning). Majestic Heli Ski is incredibly easy to find and to drive to! See our Location Page.

There is nothing typical about heli skiing, hopefully the following example of our 3 day package will paint a picture of what to expect.

Arrival (non-ski day)

On the date your package starts we will greet you that evening at the Anchorage International Airport baggage claim area, typically between 6 and 8 p.m. Please schedule your arrival and departure flight times accordingly to maximize your time and trip. The airport is located near a variety of restaurants and activities to entertain you before or after your trip. You will need to eat dinner before we pick you up (dinner is not provided on your arrival night). Taxis/Uber/Lyft are available and there is luggage storage next to baggage claim #4 in the airport. If you are driving to the lodge let us know when you will be arriving. Renting a vehicle at the airport is easy and inexpensive, and you can drive right to our front door on a major highway with no mountain passes (all-wheel drive is nice, though not necessary). 

After we gather your luggage it is a 115 mile/2.5 hour scenic drive to the Majestic Heli Ski lodge. Once at the lodge our staff will welcome you and settle you into your accommodations. The bar will be open, along with the ambiance and spectacular views. Our team looks forward to making you feel welcome and at home.

Day 1 of Skiing/Snowboarding 

Yoga/stretching 7 a.m. Breakfast is a stunning buffet at 8:00 a.m. After breakfast you will read and sign waivers, step on the scale, outfitted with skis if needed, assigned a backpack/rescue gear, followed by a video and presentation regarding our safety procedures, protocols and gear. Next, will be hands-on avalanche rescue skills/companion rescue (transceiver, shovel, probe, communication and teamwork) and then an aircraft orientation. Check-in and briefing process typically takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on the number of guests. We do not compromise on safety and we believe in thorough guest training. Each morning guides will present a weather/snow report, outline the general plan for the day and let you know who your guide/group will be. 

We fly the AStar B3 helicopter and only ski in small groups. A group usually consists of 4 guests and 1 guide. The AStar helicopter is configured for 4 guests in the back seat (facing forward) with 1 guide and the pilot in the front.

A typical day is 6 – 10 runs. Several factors determine the number of runs per day; your vertical package, run length, group fitness, ability, number of groups, snow conditions, the weather, flight distance to terrain. . .  On some rare days you may ski fewer than 6 runs, while on others it may be 10 runs, or even more. Lunch is served in the field and consists of homemade soups, sandwiches, desserts and hot cocoa.

We are back at the lodge for appetizers and drinks in the late afternoon (again, depending on all those factors stated previously). Dinner is served at 6:30 or adjusted as needed to accommodate our skiing schedule. Dinner is 3 plated courses and fantastic (like all of our meals). We take food seriously and we aim to impress. We have a full service bar (alcohol is not included) that is well stocked with a selection of high-quality wines, beers and liquors. The bar stays open well into the night, though we ask that you observe “quiet time” starting at 11 p.m., as many of our guests like to turn in early to be ready for the next day.

Day 2 of Skiing/Snowboarding

Yoga/stretching 7 a.m. Breakfast at 8:00 a.m. After breakfast it is time to go skiing! Lunch is in the field and delicious. We ski more powder after lunch until it is time to return home/the lodge for appetizers/drinks/hot tub/socializing… 6:30 Dinner. After dinner let the party continue, reminisce about the day, get stoked for tomorrow, go for a sunset walk, maybe get a massage…

Day 3 of Skiing/Snowboarding and Departure

On the morning of your last day have your bags packed before you depart for skiing. Yoga/stretching 7 a.m. Breakfast is at 8:00 a.m. and then we go ski powder. After skiing we will check your gear in, check you out/settle your tab, say our thank yous and goodbyes, and then off to the airport for your flight home. Your package does not include dinner on your last day. We generally drive away from the lodge around 3 p.m., which puts us at the Anchorage airport about 2.5 hours later.

Additional Information

-Pick-up and drop-off times are an estimate. We will always do our best to be punctual.
-Renting a car at the airport is hassle free and inexpensive. The highway is well maintained and it is easy to drive to our lodge.
-Packages include breakfast on your first morning through lunch on your last day.
-Alcohol is not included, but is available in our full service bar. State law prohibits bringing your own.
-Lodge attire is casual.
-For special dietary needs please let us know when you make your reservation and upon arrival.
-Hot tub, yoga, nordic skiing, snow bikes, Wi-Fi, mobile phone service and satellite t.v. are included. Massage therapist is an additional cost.
-Guide and staff gratuity are not included. Cash is preferred (plan ahead) and credit cards are accepted. Please see our Gratuity Page

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